Dear friends,

Greetings. Many thanks for your interest in Ideal Institute of Technology
It is our deepest desire to serve the society by moulding the technocrats and business leaders of tomorrow. To this end, we have endeavored to create a world-class educational institution that is complete in every way. Be it facilities or faculty, curriculum or career guidance, we seek to offer the very best to our students.
Education that is thorough, purposeful and meets the requirements of today's job market; education that disciplines and inculcates values; education that is in tune with the changing dynamics of today's competitive world - that is the kind of education that IIT, Wada offers.
Please feel free to take a look around our campus. Soak in the spirit of learning that Ideal imbibes. Then, take your career dreams to the next level with Ideal Institute of Technology.

Your future begins at Ideal. Welcome.

Yours truly,
Jagdish Walawalkar - Founder,
Ideal Institute of Technology.


" Vision looks inward and becomes duty. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes faith."
Now, when this vision of duty, aspiration and faith has become a reality, it is a proud moment for us to see thousands of students pursuing higher education in Ideal Institute of Technology and equipping themselves to become industry ready professionals for successful careers. In this process the Management intends to widen all dimensions of Education in Under Graduate in Engineering and Technology. We believe that our Initiative will create an academic foundation for social, cultural, scientific, economic and technological development in our Nation which will mature into Global Interface. Therefore, our focus is to achieve unparalleled excellence that will bring development to our society and mankind by optimizing the potential of students.
Dear students, You are the nation-builders. You are the movers of technology. You are the agents of change. It is our fervent hope that the years that you have already spent in Ideal Institute of Technology has enabled you to equip with leadership and managerial skills. There are challenges to great efforts but, always remember, great effort bears the sweet fruit of success. We want you to taste the fruit of success and focus your efforts to reach the same. There is no single formula of success for all.
When you travel the path of life, always remember - "Sea is common for all, some take pearls, some take fishes & some come out with just wet legs. Similarly, World is common to all but we get what we try for. "
May all you have a blessed life and will become men of values. You will become the change you want to see elsewhere.
I wish you all the success.
Abhishek Jain - Secretary,
Ideal Institute of Technology.


Greetings Dear Parents and Students!
I welcome you all to Ideal Institute of Technology, an ocean of knowledge, learning and exposure.

Ideal Institute of Technology is a beacon of light which illuminates the unseen and the unknown carrel of your personality. Apart from academics, cultural and traditional persuasion we are striving to groom our students’ self-development and self-discipline and provide every opportunity to explore the talents of the students, through sports and extra-curricular activities.

The prime objective of the Institute has been to develop professional attitude, ethics and leadership abilities in students, with the help of academically strong, experienced team of faculties. The students joining the Institute find it a great temple of learning, pleasant place to stay and a rewarding experience to build a life time career in various professions. Institution opens up the doors for young minds who dare to dream. We encourage the spirit of glory and imagination and assist dreams to take shape.

Today's rapidly changing economic and technological world challenges students to enrich with not only technical and corporate knowledge but also to stance self-confident, great human being with leadership qualities and Ideal Institute of Technology has taken up the challenge to accomplish the same.

Institution aims to be globally recognized as leader in engineering education, research and enhance the application of knowledge to benefit the society and to provide the highest quality engineering graduates, cutting edge researchers, and innovative technologists by offering the welcoming learning atmosphere to students.

With an extension of warm welcome, once again, we promise you that with our vision, dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we will make your dreams take shapes to perfection and completion. See you in campus.

Prof(Dr.) Bhuwan Chandra - Campus Director,
Ideal Institute of Technology.